OUR MISSION: To Become the #1 Efficient Terminal Sire Breed in the United States

The Texel Sheep Breeders welcome you to our site. We hope this site becomes a useful tool for our visitors as well as our members. We offer an online registration form with Paypal credit card payment for all your Texel sheep registration needs. Watch the Texel Sheep sale catalogs and sale results from across the country. Please feel free to use the Texel breed history and standards for the students searching the web for Texel sheep research information. Also posted is a complete membership directory for your convenience. Breeders with sheep for sale can post a classified ad on this website, plus you may also join the Texel Sheep Breeders Society online. We hope this site provides quality information to inspire our visitors to consider Texel sheep for their next project or established flock.

Originating from the Netherlands early in the nineteenth century, Texel sheep have proved time and time again to be at the top if not the winner in many carcass contests throughout the country. Known for the superior meat quality and naturally lean fat content, Texel sheep are a superb choice for quality lamb on the dinner table. Texel rams have become the number one choice for the terminal sires in Europe, and we are striving for that same goal in the United States of America. With wonderful dispositions, docile, gentle temperaments, they are a number one choice for many sheep breeders. Make your next breeding ram or ewe a Texel!

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